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SV Pharmachem Sdn Bhd

Why Choose Us

  • Your own partner to manage your supply sources in the area of pharmaceutical raw material, veterinary drugs & food ingredients.
  • Scope of our job includes identification of suitable factory, vendor approval, product approval, factory audits, providing dossiers etc.
  • You will have access to market at optimal cost & you may concentrate on your core activities leaving sourcing activities to us.
  • A fully integrated pharma company committed to continual improving the quality of services, Industry Standards and Corporate compliance.
  • We have built a capillary distribution network of unique scope and depth that includes developing customized and integrated solutions for your business success.
  • Provide specialized services including: product registration, regulatory support, customs handling, importation, logistics, re-packaging, supply chain management.

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Our Strength

Product Strength
  • Thorough product knowledge.
  • Strong factory support.
  • Availability of sound technical expertise.
  • Delivery capabilities.
  • Price competitiveness.
  • API’s are supported by DMF in CTD format.
  • Most of the API’s have COS (Certificate of Suitability).
  • Dossiers availability.
Certificates & Accreditations

Most of the factories we deal have following accreditations:

  • US FDA approval
Financial Strength
  • Sound financial back up.
  • Huge support from financial institutions.
  • Able to offer credit terms.
Business Strength
  • More than 30 years of experience in pharmaceutical field.
  • Experience in handling all kind of therapeutic categories.
  • Strong Market Intelligence & business network.
  • Association with leading Indian pharmaceutical companies.
Management’s Strength
  • Highly qualified & professional background.
  • Vast industry experience & domain knowledge of pharmaceutical industry.
  • Strong cultural values & business ethics.
  • Local players with solid BUSINESS COMMITMENTS.
  • Aware of market dynamics very well.
Sales Support Strength
  • Independent overseas office in India to enable sourcing, liaison & co-ordination for smooth functioning of business.
  • Logistics support.
  • Ultra-modern Infrastructure in India & Malaysia.
  • Team of Highly qualified personnel in respective field includes Doctors, PHD, etc.

We are Importer, Distributor, Stockist and Exporter of Pharmaceutical Active Ingredients (API’s), Veterinary Drugs and allied chemicals from India, Europe and China. Our product verticals includes Food Ingredients, Feed Additives, Cosmetics Ingredients besides Excipients. Our focus is on regulatory compliance and zero tolerance to quality guidelines and standards leaves us apart from others. Multiple stock points, own fleet services, efficient logistics facilitates domestic business and International trade competitively.